6 things to consider before applying for a BTO

Find a time, sit down together with your spouse, and go through this list. You will gain a lot of insights from your spouse, and this will prevent any future disagreements. Hopefully.

Who’s staying at your house?

This may seem like a silly question, but it’s good to sit down and address this. You may be looking forward to a small little lair of your own, but your spouse may want his/her parents to move in together too.

Or, your spouse may be looking to rent out one of the rooms to a stranger for extra income.

Take note that additional occupants may also include:

  • your brother-in-law / sister-in-law
  • the pets that your spouse dotingly love
  • weekend staycation from relatives because your house is too beautiful and comfortable
  • foreign domestic worker (or helper, or maid)

Where do you want your future house to be?

Clementi? Punggol? Tengah? Trust me. This is important, especially for couples with long distance relationship (boyfriend in Bukit Panjang, girlfriend in Bedok) and no one wants to leave their comfort zone.

Mature, or non-mature estate?

This is a continuation of the previous point. Of course, mature estate costs more. But it would be unfair to say mature estate is better. Toa Payoh doesn’t even have a proper shopping mall. 😬

Location of the BTO project?

Similar, but not the same as the two points above. Do you like to live just beside the MRT/LRT station? Or do you prefer to live somewhere quiet and peaceful? Of course, this largely depends on if you have a car, or travelling via public transport.

You won’t appreciate the calm, quiet night if you rely on a feeder bus to bring you in and out of the Yishun woods every day.

How big a house you want?

3-room? 4-room? 5-room?

If you are used to living with your parents in the old HDB flats, you may not used to smaller living space of new HDB. It also depends on how many children you plan to produce.

Type of flat Typical size
3-room 60 to 65 sq metres
4-room 90 sq metres
5-room 110 sq metres

Size of the unit may vary according to projects.


How much are both of you currently earning? How much money do you and your wife have in the OA account? Family planning is hard. Family budgeting can be harder and trickier.

If your budget is $300K, I’m sure you won’t be looking at the mature estates.


They key thing here is communication. Good communication is the key to avoid any relationship meltdown in the future.

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